Look, I'm not going to lie. These people are a little wacky. Russell Brunson acts like he just took a bump of the good stuff, and Jim Edwards wears really weird masks and unicorn tees. 

I guess it's their deal, but if you can get past that, and soak in the knowledge, there is affiliate marketing gold. This vid is specifically about Clickbank, but the tips apply to all affiliate marketing efforts.

You can skip about the first 6 minutes. That's when Brunson starts working his wireframe whiteboard magic, Julie Stoian starts building the funnel page live, and Edwards starts pulling proven copy from that crazy tool he built. 

Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to have Russell and Jim build your funnel for you. That’s seriously a game changer!

Here’s the best stuff from that video ...

Pre-frame the affiliate offer you're about to send your visitors to:

  • Introduce the offer in your own words.
  •  Make it more personal.
  •  Talk about how the software has helped you.
  •  Point out your favorite feature.

Ramp up the offer.

Super affiliates are amazing at this.

They figure out what additional products, services, information, or tools, would be beneficial for someone interested in the affiliate product, and they offer them as bonuses. 

Of course, affiliates have to build these bonuses, or use something they created previously, or have the rights to give them away, but adding extra goodies to an affiliate offer will differentiate you from the 1000s of other affiliates selling the same product.

The trick is getting access to these types of bonuses or developing them. There are ways, and I’ll go deeper on this in later emails.

If you use funnels for affiliate marketing you will naturally build an email list.

This is huge!

If you really want to succeed in this game you need a list.

Don’t just send traffic to affiliate offers without first building a list of interested people.

The list is gold.

You can take your time and sell them on the initial offer by slowly introducing them to key benefits, telling stories, sharing testimonials, and then escort them to the affiliate product sales page begging to buy the product.

And, you can sell them more related offers. Once you get them on a list you don’t have to pay for ads to acquire their attention again. You can just send them an email.

Think about what this really means. 

You don’t have to make money on the first touch. 

You can pitch multiple offers and make money well into the future. 

First you’ll be down a bit, then you’ll break even, then, sound the horns, you’ll start to profit. 

And after that it’s pure profit.

Jim also makes two very important points:

  • Advertising channels aren’t letting you link directly to affiliate offer pages. You have to link to a page on your domain. Funnel landing pages are the best way to do this.
  •  Email SPAM services are starting to penalize emailers that are linking directly to the well-known affiliate marketing sites like JVZoo and Clickbank. Meaning, if you get enough marks against you, your emails will start to be automatically dumped into SPAM filters or worse. Dumped before they’re even delivered at all.

Julie added:

“... the number one thing that stops people: the fear of failure and perfectionism. And the only way to get out of it, to get over it, is to go right through it.” 

Ooof. That one hits home. I’m always tinkering too much with my marketing, trying to make it perfect, second guessing myself, procrastinating, so I don’t have to pay money for ads, and actually see if my funnel is working.

It doesn’t hurt to put thought and hard work into a campaign, but at some point you have to launch. 

Then, measure the results. 

Tweak. Refine. Learn stuff and continue moving forward.

The Tools

For the rest of the video they build an opt in page using Clickfunnels (that link goes to their blogging/affiliate marketing case studies), which is an awesome drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Jim contributes copy from Funnel Scripts, which is professional copywriting software. I don't know exactly how it works, but if you simply elect what you're looking for it will look through its repository of all the best sales copy throughout history and spit out a ton of options for you to use. Awesome!

I will get in more detail on the Funnel Scripts later, but click here if you need to know now (don’t blame you … it’s an awesome way to get powerful, proven copy written for you with just a few clicks in the amazing software).

The combination of a tool that delivers proven sales and marketing copy, and a page builder built by marketers for marketers is deadly effective, and saves a ton of time.

Watch This Stuff and Learn ...

Look. These people are marketing gurus and funnel building ninjas.

They drop little bits of marketing knowledge in every episode. Along with the video above, they’ve focused on affiliate marketing in two other episodes ...

Episode #11 - Start Affiliate Marketing Online With This Affiliate Squeeze Page

Episode #3 - Make a CrapTon of Money Using This Affiliate Funnel

Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to have Russell and Jim build your funnel for you. That’s seriously a game changer!

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