Is the Autoresponder Madness Course By Andre Chaperon Still the Best Email Marketing Advice on the Planet?

“This email sequence is whack!”

Dollars cartoonishly blinking in their eyes.

“What is this common folk language, and minimalist design?”

“What’s with the cliffhanger shit. This isn’t Breaking Bad!”

I could hear the thoughts: “if we just make this nurturing sequence more professional, it will work way better than this … this I don’t even know what to call it – folksy marketing mess.”

The new private equity owners bit.

This is how I imagine it went down. I wasn’t in the meeting.

I’ll tell you what actually happened in a minute, but first let me make sure you know something important …


Shitty email marketing is dead, but it’s not time to shut it down and shift everything to Messenger marketing.

Good email marketing is alive and well, but it’s not easy. It takes skill, planning, and the right blueprint.

Believe it or not that blueprint is still Autoresponder Madness (ARM).

Autoresponder Madness Transforms Follow Up Email Sequences

I don’t remember how I got onto Andre Chaperon’s list, but I’m glad I did.

I get a ton of emails from marketers. I’m on a lot of lists. I want to know what’s going on and who’s doing what, but I read probably 5% of the emails (hell maybe less) in my marketing folder.

Chaperon’s emails were different. I always read them. I filtered them into a special folder. Some kind of voodoo compelled me.

I needed to know what the hell that magic was.

And, then he launched Autoresponder Madness …

Like some deranged magician breaking the cardinal rule of magic, Andre divulged his secrets.

I pitched the purchase to my boss, and got the okay to buy it with my corporate card.

Our awesome copywriter was game. She devoured the information, and wrote killer emails as fast as I could chart plans for segmentation.

Autoresponder Madness was our guiding light. Our foundational document.

The Results Of Following Andre Chaperon’s Wisdom

Once launched the nurturing sequence started driving tons of clicks, replies,  engagement, and interest in our high ticket training products. It also segmented subscribers into more granular buckets to help make our future messages more relevant.

It was working beautifully.

And then we got sold…

Here Come the Email Nurturing Professionals

About every five years a new private equity investor buys our company from the old private equity investor. I don’t get it. I’m sure there are smart financial reasons for this cycle, so we bake it in as a regular source of corporate turmoil.

The current owner  is more hands on with marketing. They sent in their ringer to analyze the situation and recommend a vendor to put together a drip marketing campaign.

As soon as the hefty (so I hear) check was cashed the chosen agency came in strong with emails that kicked off like …

“Dear Professional … ”

Oh Lordy.

WTF! Are we emailing robots with no heart, soul, or emotions. Who’s going to read this garbage?

I could go on about stiff, corporate B-to-B language. But, it boils down to this …

It’s bullshit. B-to-C or B-to-B doesn’t matter. You’re still writing to people with car payments, post nasal drip, and bloated guts from that delicious burrito lunch.  

At least they didn’t delete the ARM nurturing stream. They ran it concurrently (a split test of sorts). And, of course, the Autoresponder Madness sequence crushed. 

TLDR: The Autoresponder Madness Review

No matter what type of market you’re emailing, Autoresponder Madness is still the best blueprint for getting your emails delivered, opened, read, and acted on. There is nothing better. Get it now.

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