Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke Is My Go To Reference (Review)

Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke - Book Review

Sometimes as a media buyer you just need someone that tracks data on millions of dollars of ad spend to just tell you what to do. Or at least give you a framework.  Justin Brooke, in his book Retargeting Recipes, does that. I highly recommend, if you’re in the biz or thinking about using remarketing to … Read more

Justin Brooke’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) Funnel Got Me!

Justin Brooke - Pay What You Want (PWYW)

I’m always lurking on to see what’s going on, because Justin Brooke is fantastic.  He’s a legend. He pops up a lot when people are referencing digital marketing things that work: “oh yeah, I learned that from Justin Brooke.” I had lost track of Justin for a while. Probably because I had to take a break from constantly … Read more

4 Ways to Get Big Time Engagement With Your Content (and Sell Them Stuff at the Same Time)

Ben Settle Email Engagement Rules

Leave it to good ol’ Ben Settle to break it down to the basics. In an old podcast I just listened to he had four rules for generating interest and engagement with your writing. They’re not sexy. But, they’re effective. Unfortunately, unlike some gurus will have you believe, it’s not as easy as asking stupid questions, … Read more

Is the Autoresponder Madness Course By Andre Chaperon Still the Best Email Marketing Advice on the Planet?

ARM Review - email marketing course

“This email sequence is whack!” Dollars cartoonishly blinking in their eyes. “What is this common folk language, and minimalist design?” “What’s with the cliffhanger shit. This isn’t Breaking Bad!” I could hear the thoughts: “if we just make this nurturing sequence more professional, it will work way better than this … this I don’t even … Read more