Thrive Themes Review

Here’s my Thrive Themes Review 2020: It’s awesome! So go get it. Now! Wait. What? You need more … I love what Shane Melaugh and company is doing over at Thrive Themes. I’ve been a customer for years because they’ve always had a super solid lineup of beautiful themes and tools to customize them. I’m … Read more

Gary Vaynerchuk Drops Entrepreneurial Pearls On His 4Ds Mastermind

Gary Vaynerchuk Dispenses Pearls of Wisdom

If you’re an entrepreneur or a professional in the digital marketing space, you need to watch this video. Seriously, this is a legit session. Gary Vaynerchuk so damn good. I go on jags where I’m totally on the Gary Vee train. Everything he says is gold. Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. But, then there are times, where … Read more

Justin Brooke’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) Funnel Got Me!

Justin Brooke - Pay What You Want (PWYW)

I’m always lurking on to see what’s going on, because Justin Brooke is fantastic.  He’s a legend. He pops up a lot when people are referencing digital marketing things that work: “oh yeah, I learned that from Justin Brooke.” I had lost track of Justin for a while. Probably because I had to take a break from constantly … Read more

4 Ways to Get Big Time Engagement With Your Content (and Sell Them Stuff at the Same Time)

Ben Settle Email Engagement Rules

Leave it to good ol’ Ben Settle to break it down to the basics. In an old podcast I just listened to he had four rules for generating interest and engagement with your writing. They’re not sexy. But, they’re effective. Unfortunately, unlike some gurus will have you believe, it’s not as easy as asking stupid questions, … Read more