It’s Time to Give Your Google Account Over to AI

Give Your Google Account Over to AI

Mike Rhodes is big on Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). You know this if you’ve listened to interviews he’s done recently. I detailed the best bits from his recent Perpetual Traffic podcast. And if your ravenous hunger for Rhodes wisdom persists after reading this, then you should check him out on the Superfast Business podcast. It’s also excellent. … Read more

“In the Facebook Algorithm We Trust” – Perpetual Traffic Podcast Dives Deep Into Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) is awesome. I started migrating all of my day job Facebook campaigns to CBO after listening to Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman sing its praises in two straight Perpetual Traffic podcast episodes: 183 and 184. And it’s working really well. Basically, you set a daily budget at the campaign level and then tell … Read more

Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke Is My Go To Reference (Review)

Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke - Book Review

Sometimes as a media buyer you just need someone that tracks data on millions of dollars of ad spend to just tell you what to do. Or at least give you a framework.  Justin Brooke, in his book Retargeting Recipes, does that. I highly recommend, if you’re in the biz or thinking about using remarketing to … Read more