Thrive Themes Review

Here’s my Thrive Themes Review 2020: It’s awesome! So go get it. Now! Wait. What? You need more … I love what Shane Melaugh and company is doing over at Thrive Themes. I’ve been a customer for years because they’ve always had a super solid lineup of beautiful themes and tools to customize them. I’m … Read more

Hire Studio1 Design To Build Your New Website

recommends studio1 design

If you are in the market for a new or upgraded website, check out Studio1 Design first. They get it. I’m so impressed with their process, people, and philosophy. I haven’t done any scientific polling or statistical analysis, but my experience says 97% of web designers suck at optimizing a site to boost revenue.  If … Read more

Thrive Themes Templates: Built to Convert for Your Business

Thrive Themes Templates

Thrive Themes Templates are built for one thing in mind: Conversion. The team over at Thrive Themes is full of entrepreneurial-minded folks that certainly pay attention to high quality look & feel, but also test their stuff in their own marketing to see what works and what doesn’t. They offer the best of the best … Read more

Ryan Deiss asks: “How Many Successful Customers Did You Produce Today?”

How Many Successful Customers Did You Produce Today_

Ryan Deiss titled his opening presentation at the 2019 Traffic & Conversion Summit, “It’s the End of Marketing as We Know it.” Typical hyperbole to build  buzz and curiosity, and kick off his massive conference with some manufactured controversy. It’s the End of Marketing as We Know It and Ryan feels fine because he’s got … Read more