Justin Brooke’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) Funnel Got Me!

I’m always lurking on Adskills.com to see what’s going on, because Justin Brooke is fantastic. 

He’s a legend. He pops up a lot when people are referencing digital marketing things that work: “oh yeah, I learned that from Justin Brooke.”

I had lost track of Justin for a while. Probably because I had to take a break from constantly collecting digital marketing information. Information overload and all that.

When I got back into it, I started listening to a lot of podcasts and Youtube videos. Justin’s name kept popping up with assumed reverence … like everybody knows this guy’s a bad ass.

On separate podcasts, Curt Maly and Mike Rhodes both suggested grabbing Retargeting Recipes immediately! 

Then, I’m listening to Youtube ad tips and the guy being interviewed seems like he might be a wizard. He’s dropping tons of knowledge, and I’m soaking it in. This ex-Googler’s  name is John Belcher, and, of course, he works with Brooke. In fact, he presents a lot of the Adskills courses. It’s all coming together. 

I sign up for The Edge eNewsletter, so I can get info straight from the source. And it always delivers. I made a special Gmail folder for it. That isn’t normal with marketing lists, but I don’t want to miss an issue.

He really nails it on the sign up page:

“Actionable advice on what’s working best. No fluff, no clickbait, just smart insights.”

So, Justin is batting 1.000 with me. Everything resonates and packs a punch because he has so many years in the biz. Not to mention the ad spend for his agency clients (over $10 million thus far), and selling his online training. This is hard-earned wisdom.

Pay What You Want (PWYW)

Enter Issue #097 is entitled “the new ‘free+shipping’.”

He says Pay What You Want might even be better than the almighty free + shipping.

Free + shipping tripwire offers work. Tons of people use them.

I bought Expert Secrets, Dotcomsecrets, and Ask with that model. They’re great books, and I got them for like $5. Plus, you build a list of buyers versus a list of leads. People who pull out their wallets and pay (even a low-priced tripwire) are more valuable than leads, who sign up for a freebie. 

And, you get the chance to put upsells and one-time offers into the sequence. It really is a brilliant ploy, but now Brooke is saying there might be something better. Tell me!

Pay What You Want. Let people choose how much they’ll pay for a product. This seems less corny than pumping up your “free” product, then quietly adding the shipping charge at checkout.

Again, don’t get me wrong, if the book or product is something I want I’m going to pay the shipping and be super stoked. But, I could never see myself selling something with that model. It just seemed a little off. Plus, you have to have a physical offer, because you can’t really charge shipping for a digital download. 🙂

PWYW! I love this model. The goodwill generated is off the charts, because you give people a chance to literally pay what they want, which, to me, seems to have about the same psychological pull as the “free” in free+shipping, minus the sourness of the “shipping” part. Rather than bringing people in with the promise of “free” but it’s really not, you tell them, “hey, pay what you want.”

Split Test: PWYW versus FPS

Justin reports that they’re split testing Free + Shipping versus PWYW with his Retargeting Recipes book. PWYW is winning. 

I’m telling you, it’s wicked cool to follow Justin. He’s always dropping knowledge. Super valuable! Let him pay for the experiments, and spend the time setting them up. You profit from the discoveries. 

I filed away this nugget for when I start to selling my own products, while not even thinking I should go find that sales page and pick up the retargeting book. 

Back on Adskills

A few days ago I’m lurking on the Adskills site and Justin rams the Retargeting Recipes PWYW offer right in my face with a full-site overlay. 

I’m so warmed up for this offer with the expert testimonials and his split test results, and his “most trusted adviser” status, that there’s not much I can do about it. I’m pulling out my credit card and buying this book. What the heck? I get to pay what I want.

The box where you put in your price ingeniously adds the normal price: $12.99. I put in $5, thinking I’ll probably have to pay shipping and handling too. Indeed I do. $4.95. Psychologically, I’m still good. Firm ground. Happy with my $9.95 book purchase.

Then the bastard upsells me.

First, he gives me a $100 discount on my purchase of one of their courses. Sweet. I’ll use that later. Then, I read the salesletter (this dude can really write copy) …

He offers Bulletproof Google Ads, Bulletproof Youtube Ads, and Bulletproof Facebook ads for $249. 3 for the price of one. And, the $100 discount. 3 courses, which I know will be amazing, for $149.

It’s a One-Time Offer (OTO). Gotta make the decision now.

I take the plunge.

Review Coming Soon

I’m super excited about the courses. I’ll post my impressions after I get through the material. I’ll also tell you about the Retargeting Recipes book

I’m sure I’ll be putting that to use right away at my day job.

The Pay What You Want model works. Go try it!

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