Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead

No. Email marketing is not dead in 2020. But the way you do it is on life support. I assume this because you are here. Maybe you’ve seen a decline in your results. Or heard a guru pronounce the sad news. Or you’ve been intrigued with other list building channels, and want an excuse to … Read more

Is the Autoresponder Madness Course By Andre Chaperon Still the Best Email Marketing Advice on the Planet?

ARM Review - email marketing course

“This email sequence is whack!” Dollars cartoonishly blinking in their eyes. “What is this common folk language, and minimalist design?” “What’s with the cliffhanger shit. This isn’t Breaking Bad!” I could hear the thoughts: “if we just make this nurturing sequence more professional, it will work way better than this … this I don’t even … Read more