Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke Is My Go To Reference (Review)

Retargeting Recipes By Justin Brooke - Book Review

Sometimes as a media buyer you just need someone that tracks data on millions of dollars of ad spend to just tell you what to do. Or at least give you a framework.  Justin Brooke, in his book Retargeting Recipes, does that. I highly recommend, if you’re in the biz or thinking about using remarketing to … Read more

Justin Brooke’s Pay What You Want (PWYW) Funnel Got Me!

Justin Brooke - Pay What You Want (PWYW)

I’m always lurking on to see what’s going on, because Justin Brooke is fantastic.  He’s a legend. He pops up a lot when people are referencing digital marketing things that work: “oh yeah, I learned that from Justin Brooke.” I had lost track of Justin for a while. Probably because I had to take a break from constantly … Read more