Thrive Theme Builder Review 2020: Build the Perfect WordPress Website

Not really a Thrive Theme Builder review, since I haven't participated in the Beta program. But, this upgrade looks amazing, and it's due to launch to Thrive Themes members on March 2, 2020. 

Last year, the Thrive Themes team was calling this the Visual Theme Builder. The beta was due to launch in June 2019, but they ran into development snags. 

This happens when you're trying to build disruptive software.  A drag and drop editor for your entire theme. This has never existed. 

I'm so excited. Here's why: Thrive Themes is amazing. Thrive Architect is the best. But, I still have issues getting my site to look like I want. I want to add a global CTA on the top of the website. I can't make it work. I want to add a tagline below my logo that is text rather than part of the image. This also is hard. If I had more coding skills I'm sure I could knock it out, but alas, I do not code. 

Thrive Theme Builder is going to help me do this.

Three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Upload Thrive Theme Builder To Your SiteList Element
  • Step 2: Follow The Site Creation Walkthrough Wizard
  • Step 3: That’s it! Your Theme Is Ready, Just Add Content

Here's a screenshot of the toolbar:

Thrive Theme Builder Wizard toolbar

Let me re-iterate. This is revolutionary, and you get the functionality as a Thrive Themes member.

If you are already with Thrive Theme you may be asking, "Doesn’t Thrive Architect act as a WordPress page builder? Why do I need a theme builder?

Excellent questions. Here’s what I figured out, and why I'm stoked.

First, the Thrive Theme Builder looks a lot like Thrive Architect. This makes sense because Architect is a fantastic and intuitive page builder, so why not reuse those elements for the WordPress theme builder.

However, Thrive Theme Builder is a separate tool from Thrive Architect.

The main difference between the theme builder and the Thrive Architect plugin is that when you make changes, they are global changes. When you make changes with Thrive Architect it only applies to the page.

Do I Have to Build My Site From Scratch?

I'm not going to lie. Even with Thrive Themes I still struggle to modify my site, so it looks exactly like I want it. Again, I'm not a coder. I wouldn't even call myself a web developer. I'm not even that great with complicated drag & drop software. My brain just isn't wired that way. 

This is where the companion theme for the Thrive Theme Builder comes in: Shapeshifter.

This theme gives you all the bones for a perfect website. Easy drag and drop adjustments will make your site vision a reality.

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