Thrive Themes Visual Theme Builder Review 2019: Build Your Perfect WordPress Theme Easily

Thrive Themes Virtual Theme Builder

The easiest way to tell you about the Thrive Themes Visual Theme Builder (VTB) is have Shane Melaugh show you a preview. It’s his product, and only his development team has access until the beta launch on July 25, 2019.

Your next question might be: Why?

Doesn’t Thrive Architect act as a WordPress page builder? Why do I need a theme builder?

Again, excellent questions. Here’s what I figured out, and why it excites me.

First, the Thrive Themes Visual Theme Builder looks a lot like Thrive Architect. This makes sense because Architect is a fantastic and intuitive page builder, so why not reuse those elements for the WordPress visual theme builder.

However, Theme Builder is a separate tool from Thrive Architect, which actually replaces your current WordPress theme.

The main difference between the visual theme builder and the visual page builder is that when you make changes, they are global changes. When you make changes with Thrive Architect it only applies to the page.

Changes made with VTB will change all of the dynamic content areas on your site.

Let me tell you something. I’m not a designer, but I know how I want my websites to look. And, I have never achieved that look with a theme right out of the box.

There’s always complications and compromises.

There are CSS hacks (that I don’t really even know how to make even after hours of Youtube how to vids). There are additional plugins to achieve one tiny feature that the theme doesn’t have. And there’s hunting and pecking to find the right place to make changes in the WordPress admin area.

It’s a mess, and I never get it right.

Ironically, Thrive Themes templates and the Thrive Architect have solved most of those issues for me. In fact, the site you're currently on looks exactly how I want it to look thanks to the Thrive Themes tool set.

This is why I have the Thrive Themes Review, which gives me access to everything they have. Plus, I get access to all their future updates and offerings, and that includes the upcoming Thrive Themes Visual Theme Builder.

Anyway, the visual theme builder gives you the same power as the Architect page builder, but the changes affect the template site-wide.

This is really going to be a game changer for website designers. Thrive Architect is awesome, but adding VTB is going to be next level.

What Happens to Thrive Themes Themes?

I mentioned this in my Thrive Themes Review, but I’ll briefly go over it here. The themes are going away. In fact, if you go to the Thrive Themes Themes main page, you just get a callout for VTB, and a form to sign up for email updates. 

The sales page for each theme is still up, but at the bottom of each it says “sold out.” 

If you really want access to the themes to use while waiting for the VTB launch, you can still get access to them with the Thrive Membership

The way I understand it, Visual Theme Builder will launch with skins (templates), which will take the place of the themes. My guess is that the skins will be similar to the existing themes, plus new ones, that will meet any website design need you have. Or get you close enough, so you can use the drag-and-drop functionality to tweak to perfection.

If you’re new to the Thrive Themes world, here’s a list of their themes with links to more information about them. I add this info, just so you know the type of high quality, mobile-friendly, responsive, fast loading, good looking stuff we’re talking about here.

Knowing the Thrive Themes track record, I’m confident that the skins  will be even better.

Thrive Themes Focusblog Theme

Thrive Themes Focusblog

Use this for a conversion focused blog or business websites. It’s definitely multi-purpose.

Thrive Themes Luxe Theme

Thrive Themes Luxe

You know that upscale look that is both minimalistic and luxurious. That’s what this is. For use with high end stuff.

Thrive Themes Ignition Theme

Thrive Themes Ignition

This one was built to highlight a single product or app. You know those one-pagers that scroll forever, getting into all the nitty gritty about a product? That’s what this is perfect for.

Thrive Themes Minus Theme

Thrive Themes Minus

If your words are the most important part of your website. If you want people to hone in on what you’re saying and not get distracted. This is the minimalist design theme for you.

Thrive Themes Squared Theme

Thrive Themes Squared

Got a lot of post ideas featuring different types of media like video, audio, images, and text? Then this is your versatile marketing theme.

Thrive Themes Voice Theme

Thrive Themes Voice

This theme highlights your content in a unique way. Eye catching, yet designed for optimum readability.

Thrive Themes Performag Theme

Thrive Themes Performag

The best and baddest (and by that I mean goodest) magazine-style theme. There are a lot of premium WordPress magazine themes out there, but if you really want to deliver the news with punch and flair look no further.

Thrive Themes Pressive Theme

Thrive Themes Pressive

You want a big image with a call to action taking up a majority of your home page with slick-looking pages and posts throughout? This is the theme for you.

Thrive Themes Storied Theme

Thrive Themes Storied

Got a story to tell. Want your blog to change the world? Or at least teach and entertain your tribe? If you dig the tiled or masonry home page look, then you found your place.

Thrive Themes Rise Theme

Thrive Themes Rise

WordPress theme for affiliates. Straight up. They built this one with affiliate marketers in mind. In fact, they collaborated with popular affiliate marketing guru, Zac Johnson, to make it perfect.

Are You As Excited As Me?

Have you heard anything about the Thrive Themes Visual Theme Builder you’d like to share in the comments? Insights? Predictions? Concerns? Let me know.

To be honest, I’m quite pleased with my current setup using the Ignition theme and Thrive Architect. But, if the Thrive Themes team decided it was time to take it to the next level, I fully support it, and know the user experience is going to be even better.

I'm not going to mess around with the Beta (not THAT nerdy), but will certainly add it once it’s stable and ready for prime time.

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